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Oklahoma Safe Room Rebate Program

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  • Oklahoma Safe Room Rebate Program

    Hey pallies. I thought I'd pass this along in case there are any Oklahomans on board. I don't live in the Sooner State at the present, but have many long time business clients there. I've also spent a bit of time in the state on business. Mainly in the Tulsa and Fort Gibson area, of which, particularly the latter, I really enjoyed. Anywho, I royally digress.

    In case someone is a resident and isn't aware, there is a state-level program that will help your family build a safe room. Its called the Safe Room Rebate Program and it provides some financial reimbursement for building tornado-safe rooms. Details on the program may be seen here. FEMA's free guide Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business also has some details.

    Just thought I'd pass it long. Cheers!
    "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen

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    I find this a very worthwhile and important program, especially for the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma City/Norman/Moore area is the worst hit area for tornadoes in the world, if you narrow it down. The region has been hit directly by tornadoes at least six times. I have read elsewhere that many people do not have basements, even though the chance of a tornado on the ground is very high.The likely reason is the cost or a home that cannot support one. Even schools are not set up to save people with a direct hit Safe rooms give people a much better chance of survival.