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The Year the Earth Went Wild

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  • The Year the Earth Went Wild

    Hey pallies. The following documentary was put together by National Geographic and is entitled The Year the Earth Went Wild. It covers the disasters from Boxing day (December 26) 2004 until the end of the 2005. This period was the most disastrous on record, resulted in half a million deaths, and billions of dollars in damages. The documentary covers the killer tsunami in the Indian ocean at the end of 2004, Hurricane Katrina, the Maharashtra floods, the flooding in eastern Europe, the Birmingham tornado in the United Kingdom, and the Kashmir Earthquake. Anyway, it is an interesting video, so I thought I'd pass this one along.

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    Well, the earth is still not done with its crazy antics until now. These heavy downpours we are experiencing cannot be ignored. Since we had experienced incredible floods in 2009, the population of Metro Manila is wary of what is to happen when the rainy season is at its peak. For now, it is just starting but flash floods have already driven home their message to us - shape up or else.