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  • Acidic Ocean

    If you are not aware, the acidity of our Earths oceans have increased some what due to pollution and climate change. What you may no know is how it is effecting it. This article touches a little on this subject and may help you to understand and project what may happen if it is not corrected.

    The winners and losers of ocean acidification

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    Mankind is the one guilty with this. If man has enough discipline, it will not happen. Acidic ocean can cause serious environmental problems such as coral destruction, death of ocean life and it can even affect those living near the ocean.


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      I also believe that pollution is affecting the purity sea water. Right in Manila bay, visible are the floating garbage that can fill 10 dump trucks or more. No one could say where those trash came from but definitely they are from the vicinity. There are lots of squatters living by the edge of Manila. This reminds me of my short story that was published in a major magazine about the pollution that man created to destroy the sea.