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  • Humorous "Disaster"

    Just thought I would lighten things up a little. I hope no finds it offensive.

    Years ago, I lived in the Washington, DC area and was driving home on I-495. Ahead of me, a tractor trailer had wrecked and spilled an entire load of Twinkies on the road. The Twinkies exploded into a gooey, slimy, slippery mess. They had to bring in bulldozers to scrape it off the road. The cops, who were directing things, where slipping and sliding all over. No one was hurt, thankfully. It was absolutely hilarious and even made the evening news!

    Any other stories??

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    Well, this is a personal disaster, and very minor one, but still, a mishap for me. I was sitting on the bench when I was still in school, and it was full already and it had no borders. A friend pushed and pushed me with her butt so that she can sit (my friends were naturally rough like that) and I fell butt first off the bench, although just a small fall. All my friends laughed at me, good thing I'm not sensitive so I wasn't offended at all, and I just asked them. "Was it really that funny?" They said yes, not me per se but how I fell, like I just disappeared from the bench, and the only one who wasn't laughing was the friend that sat beside me, I think she got tugged a bit by our rowdy friend who forced her way to sit in the bench.


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      I dont have any humerous stories to tell but I really enjoyed the twinkie story. I imagind that was quite the sight to see. Dont remember seeing anything about it on the news, surprisingly. I imagine news people got a kick out of reporting it.


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        (Somber voice of a concerned news reporter)
        In 2011, an earthquake hit Virginia at 1:51 pm. It was an intraplate earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 and a perceived intensity of VII (very strong). The earthquake is the largest to have occurred in the US east of the Rocky Mountains since 1897. The quake fell across more than a dozen states and in several Canadian provinces and was felt by more people than any other quake in US history.
        (end news report) * from wikipedia - so we know it must be true!

        Because an earthquake in Virginia is so rare, this is all we heard about for days, even though there was very little damage and no deaths or major injuries reported. Of all the reports this was my favorite -

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          Nice to see things lightened up a bit. The most funny "disasters" I encountered was when Coca Cola trucks would swerve too swiftly in the intersection in front of my apartment block and they'd spill a few hundred bottles of coke all over the road.


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            Laughing at those cops slipping due to that gooey mess. It's a good thing that even though it can be considered as an accident or disaster, it still provides some kind of humor.


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              This is a personal story that I hope would be taken in good context. Riding in our car, my wife and I were going home from work when a sudden downpour resulted in a flash flood. Since we were at the gate of the adjacent village, I turned the car and entered the main road to search for higher grounds. We were lucky to be positioned in a higher ground but has no way out since around us was water. It was 8 pm. And at midnight, the rains are still at it and no plans of stopping. Oh, my wife's bladder is about to explode so I opened the car and let her do her thing by standing at the edge of the car. The cold floodwaters got a bit warmer with that. Waheehee.


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                Although not quite as humorous as that story, a few years back and armored truck wrecked on Interstate 80, just outside my town. No one was seriously hurt, but a lot of money found it's way onto the highway. Although a lot of it was recovered, not all of it. I know that someone I know personally found $80 in the ditch.