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2014 Natural Disaster Year In Review

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  • 2014 Natural Disaster Year In Review has a year in review for Natural Disasters. I am including a link to the country page. Some countries have none, some already have one of two for 2015. I thought this was an interesting thing to view. From what I can tell, China had the largest amount of natural disasters with Indonesia a close second. What is your discovery?

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    It seems as though the countries in the Middle East suffered from fewer natural disasters overall. Some countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq had none listed. It makes sense since these are desert countries. They sure did have their share of violence though.


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      Maybe if those areas had more natural disasters they would have less civil ones. I noticed something strange when I was reading the list. I noticed that the areas where there are an abundant amount of natural disasters, they have less civil disasters then the areas that have little or no natural disasters (I have been reading these list for the past three years and this is just my little observation). When the natural disaster count lowers in an area they seem to have more civil disasters... maybe it is just me.