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Massive shelling has triggered fires and polluted the air.

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  • Massive shelling has triggered fires and polluted the air.

    The human disaster created by Russia attempting to reclaim Ukraine has now generated an ecological disaster. The massive shelling in in Donetsk and Luhansk has created fires and pollution in the air. The damage to the infrastructure has flooded the coal mines that can contaminate water sources, such as rivers with toxic substances. All of these can culminate to health risks to residents. Not to mention all the protected land and animals that have been harmed. There has been an estimated 3,000 hectatres of destroyed land.

    Disaster will be tough to stop, considering if a single shell or bombing hit one of the seemingly numerous Donbas metallurgy and chemical plants. These places are storage sites of toxic wastes and pipelines that, if struck, will inevitably result in disaster.

    On this forum (which I love and find immensely interesting) there is a clear difference between natural disasters and human-caused disasters. But it seems like there so many ecological disasters are caused by humans, and, additionally, many natural disasters influence human disasters. I found this article very interesting because it truly delves into how completely human disasters are linked to natural and vice versa.

    the source: