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Natural vs other disasters

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  • Natural vs other disasters

    I was just reading some news and I saw that back in 2013, just in China around 2000 people died from natural disasters, even though nearly 400 million people were affected. This seems an incredibly low number comparing to other man caused disasters. What do you think, are we our worse enemy?

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    I think that there are no bigger disasters than natural ones.
    Sure, Man causes many problems and wars, but if you quickly compare 9/11 and the Aceh tsunami, which are arguably the biggest ones in recent history, you see 170,000 people killed in the tsunami and "just" 3,000 killed in 9/11.


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      It is difficult to say which is much more disastrous. Most of the people were starving and suffering pains during the Cultural Revolution. The World Wars resulted in severe loss of human lives, resources and social infrastructure. We can try avoiding man-made disasters. Natural disasters are difficult to prevent. Both of them are destructive.


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        Natural disasters tend to be short term disasters that affect millions. Human caused disasters are much longer in duration and affect billions of people.

        Just my opinion.
        Jerry D Young

        Prepare for the worst and hope for the best and always remember TANSTAAFL
        (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch - Robert A Heinlein)


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          The impact of human caused disasters tends to last much longer. People know when the crisis they are facing i caused by other people and that has a devastating emotional affect, far beyond what a natural disaster would have. Certainly those who lose loved ones in a natural disaster grieve as much as anyone else, but for the survivors, knowing that people did this to you is much harder to deal with.


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            So many things we have done wrong and keep doing wrong that will have consequences for centuries of years. The simple example of the plastic bag is paradoxal, fishes and turtles are not even safe in the ocean, so we need to pay more attention, we are not only killing fishes, we are killing ourselves because we end up eating what we pollute.