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Chemical at swimming pool sends 22 people to the hospital.

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  • Chemical at swimming pool sends 22 people to the hospital.

    It is suspected that the chemical leak was some sort of a chlorine spill; but apparently, they are still trying to determine what exactly happened. People who were swimming at the pool started getting sick, and were coughing and have a hard time breathing according to the reports.
    Authroities suspect chlorine, due to the symptoms of the affected swimmers; but they are still not sure of that is what caused the problem, or even how the chemical spill occurred.

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    This is not an uncommon situation, its the result of poor management and all it takes is somebody accidentally putting chemicals in the wrong place or just being careless to potentially endanger the lives of the people who swim at those pools. Our public pool has faced a similar problem lately and children have had to be taken to hospital because of the effects the over-dose of chemicals into the pool has had on them.


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      This is an alarming case because the affected were mostly children. Until now, authorities aren't sure as to what caused the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. The issue that a chlorine spill might have caused it is not conclusive because they haven't found any leaks or spills apparently. They couldn't even find any chemical that might have caused the symptoms. The center will be closed as of now and it's still not known when it will be opened. I just hope they find out what the supposed chemical might be since it might affect other people as well.
      The chemical incident was initially reported as a chlorine gas spill around 4.10pm in the pool area at the Bob L Burger Recreation Center in Lafayette, Colorado on Saturday.


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        Jeeze that is some real poor management of that facility.
        It's terrible when these things happens when it could have been prevented by some due diligence.


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          As others have already said, things like this happening are purely down to bad management of the facilities, and because of that, they need to be held accountable.

          For a facility such as a swimming pool, the very least you'd expect is that the water is strictly controlled and checked regularly, and for this to have happened, then that can't have been the case.