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Very dangerous natural gas leaking near Los Angeles.

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  • Very dangerous natural gas leaking near Los Angeles.

    A natural gas leak in Southern California has been blamed for the lines and deaths of many pets, wildlife in the area, and also suspected as the cause of some marine life deaths.
    The natural gas leak is about 1200 feet above the City of Los Angeles, and the company responsible for the leak, SoCalGas, has said that since gas is lighter than air, the leak does not present any danger.
    However Energy News reports that many other investigators think that this is not true, and they also say that many people are sick, have unexplained rashes, and are having their dogs and cats sicken and die for no known reason.
    The gas leak is reported to be about 100 lbs per hour; however, field tests are howling up to three times that amount.
    Here is the report from Energy News that gives all of the details of the gas leakage.

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    The thing is, the authorities reported that the gas leak is nothing to be worried about. But experts such as environmental scientists believe otherwise, especially since the amount of gas leak reported by authorities are found to be actually three times greater in reality. It's really affecting the animals and people as well. It's only a matter of time before something terrible happens. I hope the Los Angeles government does something about this. They are liable for any health issues whether they be animals or people.