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State of Emergency in Flint Due to Lead Leakage

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  • State of Emergency in Flint Due to Lead Leakage

    The President has now declared Flint, Mich in a state of emergency after residents have been exposed to lead in their water supply. Governor Snyder requested for a disaster declaration but was declined because the disaster mentioned was man-made. The authorities made a new pipeline drawing water from Flint River, last 2014. Residents complained about the weird smell of the water and some other residents complained of rashes. Just last year, children were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood.
    City’s residents, many of whom live in poverty, fear consequences to their children in Michigan town where life has changed immeasurably

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    So many instances of lead leakage and contamination over the last few months. This obviously has something to do with negligence. Had there been more care, disasters of this magnitude could have been avoided altogether.