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9 Dead in China Factory

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  • 9 Dead in China Factory

    This is another factory related accident that killed 9 factory workers and injured around 42 workers inside a shoe factory in China on Saturday afternoon. The building collapsed while 51 factory workers were inside it.

    There have been various factory related tragedies in China for the past years which have also been related to the quality and age of the buildings. The authorities are yet to determine the real cause of the incident.

    Here’s a link to the story:

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    The Chinese media via AFP is now reporting that twelve people have died.

    One worker was quoted as saying that water began leaking from a large fishing pool on the roof of the building before the building gave way. I am not quite sure why there was a fishing pool on the roof of a building. This doesn't seem very safe to me. Has anyone heard of something like this before?


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      dillinger10 That is really weird. Having a fishing pool on the roof of a shoe factory is really odd. I also wonder why there's a fishing pool on top of the factory. I've never heard of anything like this before. There's really something which isn't quite right in the building structure. On my own wild guess, I think the owners of the factory are doing something illegal in the area. The place being a shoe factory could just have been a front.
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        Thanks gracer My first thought was that perhaps this was something that I was ignorant to and it was common practice. Then I considered the potential for some form of miscommunication in the reporting but The Daily Mail reconfirms that indeed there was a pool on the roof that contained a substantial number of fish. Not to use a very bad pun but something seems very fishy here.

        Sadly, whatever the reason for the pool on the roof, 14 people died as a result. I will be very interested to read the findings of the investigation into this and discovering more about the back story behind a fish pool being located on top of a factory building. There certainly seems to be more than meets the eye here.
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          I have read that industrial accidents are common in China. One reason is that the bosses themselves do not follow safety protocols. A survivor of a farm fire revealed that the poultry farm is locked so that they may not wander during working hours. Another reason is because of illegal activities. One case is when a welder was employed by an illegal subcontractor and he accidentally set fire in a high rise building which killed 58 residents.

          So you may be right with the illegal activities as the rules and regulations are not followed by most employers. That is really unfortunate for the deaths just because their boss did not follow the policies made.

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