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Are you prepared for an earthquake?

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    Earthquake is like a silent killer or a silent disaster for you don't know when it would occur. Earthquake preparedness is really important but the question is, are we really prepared? Definitely not. We may be prepared but psychological or eve physically, we are out .. we are not fully prepared. We have lots of earthquake drills in my community, once a month lead by the Bureau of Fire Protection and they have taught us how to respond to earthquake.


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      Honestly speaking, I am not at all prepared for an earthquake. May be because I have never seen one. Earthquakes are not common in our area. But that doesn't mean that it cannot happen here in future. Most of our buildings may not be able to withstand even a small earthquake. Earthquake can happen anywhere any time. If it just hits at midnight people would not even know what is happening.

      Hope I would learn more from this forum about preparedness.


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        There are live stream of video to watch the event of earthquake. You can see lots of videos covering this disaster around the world. I watch how people react towards earthquakes. However, I could not prepare against real event of earthquakes. Hopefully, people out there are really prepared for what is coming. Lots of information about earthquake in the news. You can collect the information and formulate yourself for preparedness.
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