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GMOs: Do you feel they are safe?

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    Originally posted by Alexandoy View Post
    I have no qualms eating those food grown with the so called GMO - genetically modified organism. Is there a food that became poisonous because of the GMO? To me, that negative impression attributed to GMO is a natural reaction of people. When the cellphone came to fore, I have read and heard about the radioactive radiation that it emits. There is even one columnist who advised not to sleep beside the phone because your brain will be cooked by the radiation.

    With the GMO foods, give them to us Filipinos because we are starving.
    Lol at give them to us Filipinos part! Hahahaha!

    I kind of have mixed feelings about GMOs. When there are many people in the world that are starving, almost to the point of dying, even food with GMOs are acceptable. Do you think these people will think twice about accepting those foods?

    I understand the part about GMOs as synthetic food and it is difficult to accept something new with just a blink of an eye. But maybe in the near future, more studies can help in clearing what negative or positive GMOs have.

    If it were me though, I would choose fresh foods all the time, better if from my garden.


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      There are mixed sayings about how safe GMO foods are. Some are bad, some are not so bad.
      In my personal opinion, since GMO foods are a result of humans messing with nature, there has to be some unexpected results.

      In my own case, why take GMO foods while there are non GMO alternatives out there? As the matter of fact, for grains, beans, etc. I always pick organic if I can find them for reasonable prices.
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        I personally don't like the thought of eating GMO foods because it doesn't seem right to be modifying the food that we're eating when there are unmodified versions out there. I agree with Vash in that I always try to buy organic foods, or I actually grow my own where I can. I don't like the thought of what those unexpected results could be so I'd rather not be eating anything GMO if I can help it.


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          Everything about genetically modified organisms just sounds wrong. I feel the best product is the original. When something gets modified it will always be missing part of the original especially when it comes to food. Food is our medicine from disease so changing it may only cause us to be sick faster if our "medicine" is being altered when you put things into perspective. Nature has thought of everything and food is no exception. Therefore I don't think any produce should be messed around with.


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            Honestly, I do. Technology and research have developed so much over the years. I just don't think that all of the food manufacturers are selling us food that is going to make us sick. If you ask me, this is an "entitled problem." Basically, only those who have plenty of money can afford to shop at Whole Food and such to avoid the big, bad GMOs. If they were that bad, they would be banned. We can't buy Kinder eggs or good fireworks here because the government is so worried that we are going to choke ourselves or burn ourselves or something. Do you really think they would be okay with us all being sold food on a daily basis that would cause us to die? Come on...