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Supercharged photosynthesis - a new hope to deal with food shortage

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  • Supercharged photosynthesis - a new hope to deal with food shortage

    Scientists could develop a concentrated photosynthesis process that can be applied on common food-grain plants like rice,corn etc which can dramatically increase their output. They call it C4 photosynthesis which helps to concentrate carbon dioxide in leaves and there by boost up its growth. They are confident that this new process can be fully operational in 10-15 years time and also think that this can be extended to other crops like tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans etc.

    If it becomes successful, this can be a major breakthrough remedy for famines allover the world. This will also result in low food grain prices and a check in unauthorized use of poisonous pesticides in food grain crops. I think the dream of a famine free world could be quite possible in years to come. Let's hope for the best.
    Advanced genetic tools could help boost crop yields and feed billions more people.Availability: 10-15 years

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    This reminds me a lot of Broiler chickens but this is a plant version. Broiler chickens ages so fast that they will reach adulthood faster than regular chickens and layer chickens. This sounds like a GMO process to me. GMO's were very polarizing to people. For sure some people will be supportive of this technology because it can mass produce food but everyone wont be supportive because its GMO. I don't really fully demonizes GMO asking as they were not like Monsanto.