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High use of pesticides can cause serious famine

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  • High use of pesticides can cause serious famine

    Nowadays we are no longer relaxed while eating something which has been prepared with the ingredients purchased from open market. Using high dose of pesticides has turn vegetables and other food products into poisons. Even though Government is taking steps to prevent these poisonous foods, nothing can be successful without proper support from public. The only way to get rid of this issue is to grow what you want to eat.

    It is also found that high use of pesticides leads to increased number of cancer patients. It has come to such a situation that farming is not possible without use of poisonous pesticides. All friendly insects were killed by the over use of these pesticides and we need to depend on increased dosage month after month. This will ultimately lead to serious famine we have even seen.

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    Wanna know what is the first thing you get to eat when you buy organic vegetables? Insects! Yup without pesticides you will end up testing the insects living inside your fruits and veggies. You are vegan right? Whether you go for an organic route or a chemical route, insects will die. From the tending of plants to the harvesting. I remember you are opposed to farmers eating the pest insects infesting their produce when its a solution that doesn't use chemicals and doesn't harm nature as they were over populated species of animals test are actually invasive.

    The other alternative to pesticides is the use of carnivorous insects which will lead to death of more insects.


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      Yes, I agree with you to some extent. Due to high use of pesticides many of our friendly pests have now become distinct. It is somewhat impossible to produce something without use of pesticides. I agree your point on that. But there are alternate solutions to chemical fertilizers. We can switch to herbal pesticides. It may not be effective in the first instance but repeated use of this can make significant changes.

      For example for mango trees we use to hang some kind of traps which attracts insects and kills them. It is completely eco-friendly. While in some other places people use to spray highly poisonous chemicals at the time of flowering itself. In a district here in India there are a number of people who got severely affected by extended use of chemical spray which contaminated their water and surroundings. it has affected their brains in a very weird manner. Still they are having children with various complications like abnormal growth of head etc.