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Egypt is having a severe water shortage.

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  • Egypt is having a severe water shortage.

    The water in Egypt is drying up, and people are having to have water hauled in for them to even have drinking water in many places.
    There is not enogh water for household use, and certainly not any for irrigating crops.
    The population of Egypt is increasing as the water supply is dwindling; making things even worse.

    Now, Egypt may be facing the worst water crisis of all, the possibility of the Nile Rvier drying up within the next few years.
    Ethiopia is building a huge dam further upriver from Egypt, and once that dam is built, then it will almost completely stop the flow of water from the Nile into Egypt as the dam is slowly filling up.
    After the water fills up in the dam, then the overflow would once again start supplying water to Egypt; but in the meantime, everything is going to dry up and there will be no food or water for people there.
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    It also does not help the illegal pipelines that the citizens made out of the government water lines. The article stated that this illegal pipelines tend to break and so the precious water leaks onto the ground. This leaking water can serve up to 11 million people but it wasted due to the citizen's illegal actions. It is sad that so much water is going to waste because the citizens decided to put matters into their own hands.


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      This is really an alarming situation. Government should take remedial steps on war-foot basis. But the fact remains that no actions would be successful without cooperation from the public. The authorities should take public into confidence first. Acute water shortage can have many unimaginable side effects. It will adversely affects crops, possible outbreak of infectious diseases, and all sectors including health, transportation, agriculture will be adversely affected. I think only a combined efforts from the Government and public can find a solution to this issue.


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        Egypt is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, water desalination may help some struggling areas of Egypt but it wont work because Egypt have a bigger population than California. We know California can't solve it's drought problems because their population is large. Israel don't have much drought problems because water Desalination works for them because their population is only 7 million. Its hard to give water supply to Egypt's population of 80 million.