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The children in my family were picky eaters

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    I am proud to say that my son is not a picky eater! He loves potatoes, carrots, squash, almost all vegetables. And fruits! His desserts are always fruits. He loves mangoes, avocadoes and grapes!

    Sometimes I let him eat sweets and ice cream but what do you know, he spits them out lol! I think it is because he was not used to eating those and so he does not like their taste!

    So I guess he is a healthy picky eater?


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      You are lucky that he is this way! I know many parents who struggle to find foods that their children an eat. However there are many simple solutions such as creating smoothies and incorporating fruits in there that the child would otherwise never eat. Its a clever way to get all the nutrients in there without them fully knowing. In other cases its fun to make a story about the fruit and get the child engaged into it. Over time they will start looking at this food differently and may even prefer it over the others.


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        Parents are responsible for this. With my first child, since I was a new parent, I used gerber as soon as she was allowed to eat solid food.
        Fast forward, she has become a picky eater. She's become addicted to spam, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, etc. The only "healthy food" that she
        eats is egg white. She does not like the yolk.

        As for my second one, I steamed all of her food. I chose veggies and fruits. And I was right, I can feed her veggies, fish and soups without any headaches.
        She loves to eat zucchini, pumpkin and different kinds of fruits.


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          As a parent you can do a lot of things to prevent your child becoming a picky eater. This is a serious issue in fact as your child could face some illness related to vitamin deficiency as these are found in a variety of foods. The best option would be to make the food more attractive and delicious for the kid to have it with fun. You can try new recipes over net for this. Always try to include more fruits, vegetables (especially leafy ones) in your food items. If your kid is of 3 years old you can inspire them by giving nice stores and show them how healthy food habits helped the hero of the story to become stronger and undefeated. But the chances of success are very high if you if you try this from an early stage.


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            Parents are to blame here, as the other posters said. Thankfully, my parents raised me and my sister the right way. Even though we sometimes wasted food, they always tried to make us eat what's available and not be picky about it. That way we learned to enjoy what we have, and we also discovered a lot of tasty food which otherwise we wouldn't have eaten.


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              There is always going to exist people who act like this, and not only with food, people who just are not grateful for their life in general who complains all the day as if they had the worst life ever just because they don't have designer clothes, it's really ridiculous. And this is because they way that they were raised... When I was a little boy, mom always forced me to eat my food even if I didn't like it, she said that I must be grateful to have something to eat, she had a hard childhood and I think that she was trying to tell me that there was a lot of people who hadn't anything to eat and that I must be grateful for the food...and it worked! But calm down, I know that its upsetting but there's nothing that you can do, they are already that way.