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Hydrophonic plants as a way to alleviate world hunger?

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    I'd rather invest in drip irrigation or a system that uses minimal water to hydrate all the plants. Hydrophobic cultivation sounds great, but the high costs and the resultant yield should be analyzed before taking a call. The produce of hydrophobic plants should be tested by food safety agencies before we can even think of it. Secondly, the practicability and the expenditure needs to be taken into account as well.


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      You can actually make a hydroponic plant with a peace of 200 gallon plastic drum , some basin and a an aquarium filter. Something that small is considered a Hydroponic plant. It is actually one of the cheapest form of planting because you grow vegetables and fish at the same time.

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    My husband and I have tried to hydroponically grow some vegetables before. We have a store that sells all you need to get one of these gardens growing. It was a lot of work just to get the tomato plants to grow. The amount of water we had to change out and make sure it was a certain temperature was nuts! Not to mention the whole set up we had took up more room that a traditional garden.