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New "experimental vaccine" on the way to Liberia

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  • New "experimental vaccine" on the way to Liberia

    British pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, has sent 300 doses of their Ebola vaccine to Liberia this week. Still in the experimental stages, the vaccine has already been tested on 200 volunteers with no adverse effects. It cannot be mass marketed until the WHO are satisfied that it is safe, but a further 30,000 volunteers will receive the vaccine in an attempt to satisfy their requirements. I've included a link to the full story if anyone is intereseted.

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    This is the third experimental drug they are sending out there. I hope this one actually works.


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      Obviously hope that the drug works. What's happening throughout Western Africa is quite horrifying. I certainly hope this helps at least prolng some lives, at the very least. If it saves lives thats obviously better. Of course there is the risk the drug will cause side effects or even deaths. I'll be praying for the people of Liberia.


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        I wasn't even aware that this was the third vaccine that they are sending , but I really hope that this works. It has been so sad seeing the devastation that Ebola has caused. Is the outbreak starting to die down (no pun intended) over there now? You just don't hear much about Ebola in the news anymore.


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          There was further good news today as the World Health Organization announced today that the number of people falling victim to the Ebola virus in West Africa has dropped to the lowest level in months, though dwindling funds and a looming rainy season threaten to hamper efforts to control the disease.

          More than 8,668 people have died in the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, which first surfaced in Guinea more than a year ago. But the three worst-affected countries — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — have now recorded falling numbers of new cases for four successive weeks, Dr. Bruce Aylward, the health organization’s assistant director general, told reporters in Geneva.
          Unfortunately, there was also some bad news regarding the donations to fighting Ebola.

          The good news about falling infection rates also bore a danger, Dr. Aylward said: Pledges of international financial support for the Ebola response were falling, as well. He said that $1.5 billion was needed to fight the disease for the next six months, but that only $482 million had been committed so far. Most of those pledges were made last year.


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            The AP reports that the testing of two potential Ebola vaccines got under way in Liberia's capital on Monday. The article goes on to say that it remains unclear whether either vaccine ultimately will work, and if so how quickly they could be mass produced.

            Up to 600 volunteers are taking part in the first phase, and trial organizers have said eventually as many as 27,000 people could take part.

            "We are targeting about 12 persons for today and hopefully the number will increase as we go along," Wissedi Sio Njoh, director of operation with the vaccination campaign, told The Associated Press.


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              I read this article in The New York Times tonight reporting that the last known Ebola patient was discharged from hospital in Liberia although officials warned that the country is weeks away from officially being declared Ebola free. Authorities are still tracking more than 100 people for possible exposure to the virus. This is certainly a big step in a right direction in Liberia.