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Nuclear power plant contaminates Florida water.

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  • Nuclear power plant contaminates Florida water.

    A leaking nuclear power plant near Biscayne Bay is leaking contaminated water into the bay and has contaminated the drinkig water near there. The water source is used by over three million people; so this is a very serious leak, and is also threatening the Biscayne State park.
    According to the article, the florida power company pushed the plant for more output, and that has now caused the overheating and pther problems that they are having. The end result is that they will probably have to spend more money to fix this problem (assuming they can fix it) than they earned by puttin out the extra power.


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    This is the unfortunate result of greed and a high demand for power. I hope this serves as a sign for the Florida power company to change their ways and look into renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources because nuclear power stations are outdated and unhealthy. The money they are spending fixing the problem could be spent implementing some solar panels or if possible, wind power. The local authorities and governments need to implement regulations and laws to prevent environment-damaging power stations from being built, or the world will continue facing issues such as this.


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      There's been a debate going on for a number of years now as to if these types of power plant are actually worth it or not, and when things like this happening the debate pops up again.

      Thankfully things like this don't happen all that often but when they do it can have dramatic results. Unfortunately I think with the demand for power that people have these days, I can see more and more disasters like this happening and one day there's going to be one that as catastrophic consequences.