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Bunker: World's Largest and Most Secret

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  • Bunker: World's Largest and Most Secret

    The History Channel has an interesting documentary on underground bunkers. Some of which were designed to survive an atomic attack. Anyway, I just thought I'd pass it long in case it is of interest to others as well.

    "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen

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    The Vietnamese did something similar in the past but the only difference is that those are tunnels that lead to another place of exit: If governments start digging up nuclear-proof bunkers or tunnels at strategic areas, their respective citizens would be able to survice nuclear explosions.


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      Thank you for sharing this. Unfortunately, our house doesn't have an underground bunker where we can stay in case there's a nuclear attack or something like it. I know some houses from America has these underground rooms for when the tornado comes in though. I guess if I do have my own house in the future, this is something that I'd like to have built into it. And I'd probably stock all the emergency foods and items in there as well.


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        It's very interesting to see how defensive locations have evolved over the course of history and improvement in weapons technology. But it's also sad at the same time. Almost all of these bunkers are made for either the military or the rich and the powerful, not the common people who actually make up the countries. On an event of war, these places will safeguard our elites, while we, the common people would sit like blind ducks for incoming enemy missiles.

        We can marvel at the technology and brag to our peers about how superior our country is with respect to theirs because we have these super safe bunkers that can withstand a nuclear war. But at the end of the day, if a nuclear war truly breaks out, it's us who will die by the millions while a very small group of people will be safeguarded by 25 ton blast doors. And that's truly a tragedy.