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Zika Virus: Three Cases in UK

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    Originally posted by Briannagodess View Post
    xTinx Yup, dengue affects everyone here but I think babies are more susceptible and children as well. But if it does affect a pregnant woman, it doesn't pose any threat as long as the mother is treated from it. But I've read one article claiming that Zika virus from 40 years ago didn't affect foetuses this way. Apparently, the mutant mosquitoes released are being blamed by some people for the microcephaly being suffered by these babies.
    Well the virus seems to change face every now and then. By that I mean, its effects changes from time to time. That's why even if it affect pregnant women and the fetus their carrying, in the next decades or so, a different effect might surface. At present it's microcephaly, who knows what it's going to be in the next few years.