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Texas is reporting an outbreak of cyclospora.

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  • Texas is reporting an outbreak of cyclospora.

    Austin, Texas has repoerted over a dozen cases of cyclospora, and there are more possible cases. The intestinal illness is caused by a parasite that can be ingested through contaminated food or water.
    It appears that the origin of the contaminated food or water is not known at this time, or how far the disease might have already been spread.
    Symptoms are similar to having a severe stomach flu.
    Since it is usually transmitted through fresh vegetables or berries, it is recommended that everyone wash these foods thoroughly before eating them.
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    Everyone should thoroughly wash all produce before consuming regardless of extra risks of this sort. The amount of handling done, the chemicals they are subjected to... it's enough already! Be smart, people!
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      I was not previously aware of Cyclospora. In doing a little more research, it appears that this illness is caused by consuming food or water contaminated with feces. According to the CDC, it is unlikely that Cyclospora is passed directly from one person to another "as it needs time (days to weeks) after being passed in a bowel movement to become infectious for another person."

      Research shows that 304 people were diagnosed with the illness in 2014 with the majority of cases being reported in Texas; so it seems that Texas is a hotspot for Cyclospora.

      Epidemiologic and trace back investigations by the FDA indicated that some of the illnesses in 2014 were linked to fresh cilantro from Puebla, Mexico.


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        I have read that Cyclospora breeds in semi tropical temperatures, maybe that is why Texas is a hotspot for its spread. Washing of produce is really important, sometimes we even use salt or vinegar to remove dirt and grime in our fruits. You just have to rinse or wash it thoroughly with water after.


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          Something like this could be easily spread because for example, a farm worker gets it, goes to work feeling sick because they need the money to survive, and perhaps vomits or has to poop in the field because he can't get to the outhouse fast enough and so some bugs get on his hands and on anything he touches before he gets a chance to wash.

          Everyone should just be aware and rinse off all produce, including organic produce because it's not just pesticides that need to be removed, it's anything that could have come in contact with the food from harvest to store.


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            Again, I can only charge this outbreak to negligence. The government or the organizations in charge of ensuring there's clean food and water for all aren't really doing their part. Otherwise, such a situation would not have escalated to this level.