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Largest ever TOXIC algae bloom on West Coast !

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  • Largest ever TOXIC algae bloom on West Coast !

    There is a massive toxic algae bloom on the West Coast, and it stretches from California to Washington State, and may be all the way up to Alaska. The toxic algae bloom has closed fisheries all up and down the coast, and there are warnings out about a paralyzing toxin that can come from eating affected shellfish, and also one that causes massive diahrrea.
    This does not seem to be putting out many warnings in the news, although it is being reported. However, it would be better not to take any chnces of eating shellfish that came from the Pacific Ocean. The sea lions are dying, and they reported finding one that was having convulsive seizures.
    This is being reported as the largest ever toxic algae bloom ever experienced, and there are several kinds of toxins involved, which is not usual either, according to the report.

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    More FUD, read the news articles, these red tides have been happening for decades and generally only affect recreational takers of crab and clam. Largest in a decade perhaps, according to most sources. As to no news by the big media outlets - nothing here for them.

    What should be happening is to investigate the WHY of these events and look at possible solutions or mitigation.


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      Where are the NGOs, environmentalists and interest groups when you need them? This is a serious issue yet I don't think there are enough people lobbying for its resolution.


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        This is a huge problem. It is not only the coast that has a problem with toxic algae. I live near the Ohio river, and there has been a lot of it found there. Not just that, but in the lakes and streams. Then in some of the smaller lakes and ponds. It does not make the news like you would expect, accept to warn locals not to eat any fish that comes from the water. I guess now it is only safe to eat fish that are raised in fish farms.