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Cyber attack map in real time.

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  • Cyber attack map in real time.

    There is a webpage that has an interesting map that shows all of the cyber attacks that are hitting on the internet. Maybe not all of them; but it does show the main ones. It is called the Norse Attack map, and it shows a map of the whole world, and where the cyber attacks are striking, and also where they are coming from.
    Sometimes, we have trouble accessing a forum, and it may be because it is in an area where a broad attack is happening, or maybe it hits one of the main servers.
    I don't understand a whole lot about these attacks; but the map is very interesting to look at, and there are explanations about what is happening below the map itself.

    Here is the link, and you might want to save it on your computer in case you want to have it handy to check now and then.

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    This is insanely cool, I'll definitely be vising that page more often and it sure makes one awesome screen saver!
    I have no idea how they can possibly track this though because I would only assume the hackers who are initiating these attacks have some sort of protection system that hides their location and manner of the attacks, but it is still super interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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      When looking at sites such as these, I think it's hard to imagine the amount of attacks that are actually taking place at any one time. It's only when we get to see what's going on, that it then becomes apparent just how many cyber attacks are taking place, and even though a lot get thwarted, it's still interesting to see the scale and number of attempts that's being made.


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        That map thing looks like a third world nuclear war. Really. Is this a cyber version of war between the Western and the Eastern worlds?
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          That's crazy cool!
          It's so fast and there are so many of them!
          I think I am going to grab 2 beers and really get into this website.


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            Originally posted by artyarson View Post
            That map thing looks like a third world nuclear war. Really. Is this a cyber version of war between the Western and the Eastern worlds?

            It sure looks like it! I never thought there would be so many attacks happening all the time. I guess there are many people out there whos job is to do this. The thing is, these attacks usually go unheard of and I think a lot of information is leaked and stolen on a daily basis. But these acts are not publicized because it is most likely information that we didn't know existed in the first place, or information they don't want us to know. It is really interesting to see and it makes you realize how unsafe our information really us on the internet.