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The IRS Hacked

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  • The IRS Hacked

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has had another hacking attempt by identity thieves. The hackers were trying to obtain E-File PIN numbers used by individuals to file their federal income taxes. The illegal hackers utilized taxpayer data, including social security numbers, to successfully access some PINs. This latest incident comes after the 2015 data breach that resulted in hackers obtaining 330,000 taxpayers information. Details on this breaking story may be read here.
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    It's a sad fact that a lot of brilliant people around the world are using their brains for the wrong reasons and intentions. These are people who could've made the world a better place but are only adding to its problems.


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      Technology makes our lives easier but it also makes the lives of thieves easier. Goodness, I cannot imagine the skills they have to obtain such information. I guess this is not just a group or a person, this is already a company, aiming to steal personal information from government agencies. It's quite alarming that they can break through IRS's system as I think it is not an easy one to hack. Do they think of the possibility of an inside job though?