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The doorbell that "pretends" that you are home ----amazing !

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  • The doorbell that "pretends" that you are home ----amazing !

    i was just reading about a new home security device. It is a doorbell that connects with your cell phone. When someone comes to your door and rings the bell, you can see them on the video with your phone. they can't see you, so they have no way of knowing where you are at, or whether you are at home or not.
    Since many burglers ring the doorbell to make sure that no one is home before trying to break into your house, this is a great way to make them think that you are at home all of the time.
    Even when someone comes to the door, and they do not ring the doorbell, the motion-sensor will alert you with a chime on your phone, and you can then access the video image and see what they are doing on your porch and what they want.
    Since this probably fits into the "internet of things", it would not work if there were a failure of internet service, and could be slow if the cell service was not connecting fast, or internet was intermittant.
    However, for the most part, it looks like this would be a great way to monitor and protect your home, even when you are not there.
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    I live on my own so you can just imagine how nervous I am when I leave my house. I don't have friends or family to live with so my house is an easy target if the burglars know I am alone. I actually want to have this technology once I have an access for this. I wonder of their system chimes will work for windows as well, we know many burglars were using Windows and chimneys as their point of entry when they want to do some looting.


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      This is really an innovative concept. This will work well in the present day scenario of 3G/4G where data transfer is not such a headache. But do the burglars actually ring the bell, I think this is very uncommon to happen.

      In my area the most common strategy of thieves is to the visit the targeted house in day time as an astrologer. He will tell the house owner that his house is in danger and something needs to be done immediately. He might be scanning the entire house then for a possible weak point. Once he get that he will left the scene and come back in the night to carry out his mission. They even use small children who will enter the house through tiny windows and once he is inside he will open the door for his friends.