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  • Cheating Website Hacked

    A site which helps people cheat has recently been hacked. The Impact Team is the said hackers and they first warned the site to shut down or else all their customer profiles will be made public. They revealed that the erase feature which costs $19 is a scam as it does not completely erase a customer's profile.

    The site has now been taken over by the real owners. They released a statement indicating that the site is now secured and they have had a thorough investigation regarding the crime. Anyone involved will be held liable for the cyber crime, the management states.

    What do you think of this crime? Is it still a crime if a site's scam is exposed? Do you think a crime is still a crime in cases like this?
    On Sunday, The Impact Team first hacked Ashley Madison, a website that helps married people cheat, posted a portion of the stolen data online, and is now threatening to release the hookup service’s customer records if the website isn’t shut down. “We are The Impact …

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    While the site is a pretty sad commentary on humanity, it is still a serious crime to do what the hacker group did. They added to that by trying to intimidate and blackmail the company after the fact. So, the authorities should pursue them with all due diligence. If for no other reason that no one knows who they'll strike next.

    I wasn't aware of the scam they exposed. If true, the site is now open to civil litigation because they made false statements regarding a paid service. Considering the degree of sleaziness, it isn't too surprising they'd have such a policy.
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      I never even knew such site exists if I had not seen this news article. So yes, they really committed still a crime even if the site they attacked is a cheating website. Even if the intention is to expose the site's scam, they did the exposure in such a wrong way. They should have provided evidences and such instead of blackmailing the site. I do hope the authorities get to the bottom of this mess.


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        Well, while I feel sorry for the people that got hacked I think they deserved it. $19 dollars/person for only a worthless program that doesn't work is pretty stiff. It goes without saying that as easy as many come, as easy they go and that is what just happened here.
        Hopefully the hackers will be caught!


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          I think the hackers did a nice job, But it is a fact that this may give them more confidence to hack other genuine sites too. They should be caught immediately. Steps should be taken to stop these scam sites too. It is said that a crime cannot be stopped by doing another crime. But I think in some cases we are are forced to commit a crime to stop another crime. So both the hacker and scammer should be penalized for this.


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