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  • Hacked emails chain

    A year ago or so I have received a multiple number of emails from 2 of my close friends. I was immediately suspicious of hacking activity because we barely email each other and these emails seemed completely normal. What ended up happening was that a hacker had gotten hold of both of their email and was sending various messages to all of their Facebook friends. I quickly notified them and they were shocked to see the emails even being sent to their professors.
    I think in situations like this its very crucial to contact the person immediately because a worst case scenario like an email going out to your work colleges or even boss, and extended family can be avoided.

    what are your thoughts and has this ever happened to you?

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    Though this has never happened with me, I do agree that a quick course of action is essential. Hacking can be quickly resolved if the victim or people close to him or her is vigilant. If you can quickly change your password and notify others that you were hacked, the hacker will get nothing out of the crime.

    Reporting it to proper authorities is also crucial. You need to tell the bank if your email is hacked as your online credit cards or accounts may be compromised. Do not let the hacker win by not telling the authorities about the hacking.


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      Definitely contact someone right away, preferably by phone so they get it. This kind of thing does happen fairly often, but usually can be quickly remedied by changing your password. It happens more often on social media and everyone recognizes it right away and tells the victim to change their password.


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        I recently was contacted by a couple of friends of mine about receiving emails from me in their spam folder. All of them had the common sense not to open them, as everyone knows that I never send messages without mentioning the reason for my writing. I even found one of those emails (allegedly from myself) in one of my alternative accounts. Contacting the person from whose address you receive such dubious messages is vital to protecting yourself and the person involved.


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          Once my mobile starts sending weird SMS to my colleagues and to all those who were there in my contact list. I was not aware of this until one of my friends pointed out this to me. Then I came to know that a large number of people have already received this. I thought this was a hacking activity but later I could find that it was a virus that take control of your contact list and a start sending some pre-defined SMS to all contacts. I was somewhat shocked to see the SMS they received. Some were having very obscene/adult content. I purchased an antivirus and scanned the memory. The virus got cleaned and after that there were no issues like this.