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Hate sites on the internet, harmless or dangerous?

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    Originally posted by talk2me View Post
    It is really unfortunate that whenever a new technology is being introduced, it will be the anti-social elements who take the most advantage out of it. Internet made their life easier in organizing and executing various crimes with proper planning. They also use websites to attract more and more people to their organisations. I don't know why people join these organisations when they already know it is just evil.

    Pornography is another threat to human civilization. But the fact is that we are accountable for what we are now and nobody else can be blamed for that.
    I beg to disagree about your opinion about Porn, the Netherlands is a country where porn and Prostitution is legal and that country have a very low crime rate compared to the countries where porn is illegal. That country also have a low rate of teen pregnancy. People are rapist not because they watch porn, people are rapist because their parents did a terrible job of raising them and teaching them what is right and what is wrong. I can name many countries where porn is legal and the cases of rape is low and I can name countries where porn is illegal and the crime rate is all time high. Also most rapist are under the influence of drugs and alcohol and not porn.