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Hate sites on the internet, harmless or dangerous?

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  • Hate sites on the internet, harmless or dangerous?

    Freedom of speech is part of the internet , that's why certain websites with racist,extremist, bigoted, sexist and other hateful agenda wont be closed down and get banned. I think Childhood pornography is the only despicable activity that is banned on the internet. The community of these dangerous people with extremist and radical ideas will sadly stay online and some of them even get monetized because some dumb companies decided to advertised on them.

    I am going to originally mention the name of those disgusting agenda websites but I decided not mention them and make their sites more famous.

    I found out that many terrorists are members of these hate sites. Also many suspects of hate crimes are members of these controversial sites as well. Authorities won't be allowed to arrest these people but I think they should observe the discussions because when a hate crime or terrorist attack may happen, they might be able to find the culprit. People on those hate sites are so vocal know they want to murder the group they hate.

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    When hating on someone in the internet becomes a threat to the other person, it is only right that the government do something about it. Personally, I do not know the sites you were referring to but it is kind of sad to hear about it. What had even happened to this world? Why should they even spread hate even in the cyberworld?

    Hate crimes happen in reality and it is possible that these sites are venues for the planning of crimes. If the government can cut off this lines, then maybe hate crimes rates will go down.


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      I will describe the hate sites I am talking about but I wont mention their names so they won't get publicity. Many of them have notable members involved in terrorism and hate crimes. Some of them even mentioned their plans on those message boards before doing their crimes.

      None of the following sites are banned because of freedom of speech because it is their right to express their opinions even if it is about murdering a certain group.

      Hate site A- is a white supremacist online community who wanted Jews, Asians,Latinos, Native Americans,Africans, Biracials and all Person of color you can think of to leave western countries. Many of their members had been involved on hate crimes against people of color. They think they were superior and they think their race is in endangered of being extinct because of interracial marriages.

      Hate site B- A radical Islamic message board, Some terrorist are notable members of this site. They seemed to celebrate about successful terrorist attacks and they hate those women who wears modern clothing. the interaction between the members of this site is actually disturbing. They talk about beheading people and forcing to convert non believers. Some Isis members may have been recruited from this site.

      Hate site C- A radical christian community who hates people of other religions, homosexuals and secularist. By far they haven't don't anything extreme yet aside from making public rallies but some people consider them potential terrorist.

      Hate site D- A self confessed men's rights group who is againts feminism, they have an extreme hate of women that they think rape is justified and men have a right to beat down their wives. Some of their members have been involved in crimes.

      Hate site E- A black supremacist group, This group have a lot of members in the US but they got banned in Canada right away. They were basically the African American version of the Neo-Nazis. They hate white people and they were said to be dangerous. They were involved in crimes against Caucasians and Jews.

      I know these sites wont get banned but I want their discussions to be monitored because many of them publicly discuss their evil plans.


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        Wow! What a list! Even though you don't mention their names, one gets a clear idea. To be honest, I was only vaguely aware of such sites. If I read anything on the internet even remotely relating to hate, I immediately dismiss it. I have absolutely no curiosity about such organisations and regard it as a waste of time visiting any of their websites. All they do is stir my blood and make me feel overwhelmed. I don't want to have anything to do with close-minded individuals or groups on any level, and I believe the majority of people feel the same. I suppose that these places will always surface in one form or another, and that the authorities tolerate them for the purpose of monitoring the movements of its members.


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          I do think they are harmful, but for the protection of all people's rights, they should not be shut down unless they are inciting others to commit crimes. I believe that is where freedom of speech ends, as inciting crimes violates other people's rights.


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            They will never get banned but I want the authorities to observe the discussions of these sites because they publicly say their plans on some of their discussions. A terrorist attack may get stopped if they monitor the discussions here and if they tap the private conversations as well. Some notable terrorists and hate crime suspects came from these sites so someone on the military or the authority should keep an eye on these sick collective minds of people. Existence of these sites is a reason why Isis spreaded like a virus.
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              I wish we had very strong authorities specifically overlooking these types of websites. I am a believer of the fact that when something can go wrong it probably will at one point. It only takes a few bad apples to truly impact a website and in the worst cases they get a huge group and following and it starts affecting absolutely innocent individuals. My solution would also be to have authority always checking up on these websites since it seems like banning them will and up causing more of them to pop up on the internet.


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                I live in the United States and, until recently, we had the right not to like someone if we didn't want to, even to hate them, so long as we didn't harm them in any way. To me, that makes the most sense because you can't force someone to like another person. In many cases, racism is simply a matter of unfamiliarity. I know people who have grown up hating people of another race despite the fact that they have never actually spoken to anyone of that race. Forcing someone to keep quiet about their true feelings isn't helpful in any way that I can think of, and it certainly doesn't make them like them any better.

                Plus, when the government or any other body controls what people are allowed to say, their own biases and political pressures enter into it. Right now, in the United States, it is perfectly okay for black people to hate white people; we even have a president who empathizes with them. It is fine for people to hate conservative Christians, but we have a government that would seek to require them to embrace those who hate them.
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                  That is exactly right, Kfander, and could not have been put in any better way than you did !

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                For me, if you hate someone then you hate him or her alone. Why do you need a group to share your hate with? Why make your hate public? You should either confront the person or ignore him or her. It does not make sense for me to join groups who rationalize your hate for someone.


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                  Originally posted by Briannagodess View Post
                  For me, if you hate someone then you hate him or her alone. Why do you need a group to share your hate with? Why make your hate public? You should either confront the person or ignore him or her. It does not make sense for me to join groups who rationalize your hate for someone.
                  true, we should not release our private emotions on public. There are lots of serious cyber bullying on this year. There are people that post something that hate someone without posting the full story that is why netizens even comment and add hate to the said person.


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                    Briannagodess and Jade Mae A hate group is different from Justin Bieber's haters club. A hate group is a collective of extremist people who wants to talk about the demise of a resin sector of the society. The internet is surrounded y many hate groups and though many of these hate groups became a terrorism recruitment place, these places online were not banned because of freedom of speech. I will give you some examples, there is a Christian extremist group who wanted the demise of all atheist people because they think they were sinners. There is an extremist women's rights group who wants all the men in this world to die because they think men are the cost of mall violence. There is basically a hate group against every single religion , gender, age group, ethnicity, race and nationality. So they were a bunch of bigoted, racist and discriminatory people. These groups will stay on the internet because of freedom of speech but their discussions should be monitored. Some ISIS members were recruited from these sites.
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                      For every hate site that is banned, you can guarantee that a new one will soon pop up. There islittle we can do to eradicate such sites and I suppose you could argue that doing this violates free speech. In any case, goverments to need to make the close monitoring such activities a priority, even if this constitutes spying.


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                        Spying on these sites might actually help to avoid hate crimes and terrorist attacks. If you think about it, these evil sites might be a blessing in disguise because the authority to spy on these very dangerous groups. It reminds me of the saying keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

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                      That's a long list, I thought that there was just one of two of them! I think that those sites are not always that dangerous, of what I've heard on Tumblr, they just want to scare people. But you never know! As you have said, there might be terrorists on those pages, but I don't think that they do anything more than influence people to think like them.


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                        I don't really see Tumblr as threatening. Its just a bunch of teenage girls threatening female celebrities because the female celebrity is dating their crush.I don't really think the Tumblr girls will cross the line. Yeah Tumblr is like the twilight zone of social media because it is surrounded by some bizaare people with weird tastes, I haven't seen hate groups in Tumblr, I see more Social Justice warriors on that site who are exaggeratedly politically correct.


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                          It is really unfortunate that whenever a new technology is being introduced, it will be the anti-social elements who take the most advantage out of it. Internet made their life easier in organizing and executing various crimes with proper planning. They also use websites to attract more and more people to their organisations. I don't know why people join these organisations when they already know it is just evil.

                          Pornography is another threat to human civilization. But the fact is that we are accountable for what we are now and nobody else can be blamed for that.