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    That's very important, but also very difficult to remember. Most of my online activities are not very important and it would simply be a minor inconvenience if someone hacked my account as the only motive would be spamming under my name. I have different ones for the 2 or 3 things that are actually sensitive. I don't do any real banking online because of concerns about hacking.


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      As for password, its really not safe for us to let our browsers to save our passwords on each site. Once another person opens your computer, they can easily copy your password by going to the saved passwords of your browser.

      Originally posted by Billy View Post
      One more thing people should consider to make sure everything is safe. If you are going to sign up or log in to a website, don't use your actual keyboard. Use an onscreen keyboard, it is a free software already installed on your PC that you just need to search. It will save you from keyloggers from detect your password.

      On screen keyboard let's you type with your PC's mouse. It is also good for emergencies like having your actual keyboard malfunctioning. It is a very useful tool that is already on your PC that you usually ignore.
      Oh I have never thought of that. I have not tried that one on my PC, I always use my keyboard. I once used the onscreen keyboard on applying to one bank account a few years back. I have never heard of the keylogger things. Thanks for the information.


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        People can make a notepad file where they can list down all of their password. I swear it is very practical and it will save them from a lot of hassle and conflicts. Also copy pasting passwords from notepad to the password box will actually protect them from the dangers of keyloggers. I have very long complicated passwords so I save them in a notepad file just in case I forgot them. I also listed them down in a Microsoft Word file that I saved in a secret folder that is hidden from everyone but me.


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          You can use your browser's password remember feature or use a utility like RoboForm. Yes, having different passwords for different sites is important. Having a top security solution is important in any case as your browser or Roboform can be hacked and stored passwords can be easily retrieved.


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            Yes, you got a very good point. I always use different passwords for different sites. May be my user names are same for quite a few. Also try to make it as complex as possible. If it can be a combination alphabets, numbers and special characters we can say that is a perfect work. As already mentioned earlier anything that can be accessed can be hacked too. But we can make their work a lot more difficult. Mostly they target an easy prey when hacking normal sites.

            i always keep a diary to note down the site details along with some hints about the password used. I never store it online or in hard-disk.


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              Originally posted by geosysmic View Post
              Hi guys, I will share with you this little tip about increase your online safety. Basically the tip, as you can see from the title of this thread is really obvious but most of the time none applies it. The tip is simple: use different passwords for every site you register and you care about not getting it stealed. You can use the same password for example on site where you don't really care if some access it without your permission.

              You can also use some of the risk assesment softwares like Opsfolio - to get rid of the data breaches and hackers. Especially in medical field, it is necessary to keep the data safe for a long run.