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The Use Of Nail Polish In Protecting Your Data

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    Originally posted by Briannagodess View Post
    This is more like an after-the-crime tool, not a preventive tool. For me, I would probably use encryption tools to ensure the safety of my files. As much as I can, I use passwords for all my devices. Then these passwords must be difficult to crack passwords as well. Aside from that, for every site I visit, I make sure that it's a safe site. After every internet browser session, I make sure to clear my cookies and history. I don't download any suspicious files that are sent to me.

    As for using this nail polish technique, maybe I would when I think that my laptop's been compromised. I don't really tinker with my laptop's ports or hardware so it isn't much of a problem with me to use nail polish on it. As I've said, it cannot prevent the crime, it's just a tool to know if someone did tinkered with your laptop.
    Yeah, the idea that this will "protect your data" is a bit silly. Is it like pouring bleach on an ATM after robbing it?