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    Is anyone else concerned about what kind of chaos may ensue if Trump were ever to be elected president? I have been watching the news broadcasts about the violence that has broken out at some of his mid western rallies, and it is almost as if he enjoys it a little. I have never heard him beg his constituents to keep the peace while they are out supporting him. If he were to become president I think there would be all out riots in some places.

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    I doubt those Trump protesters would really change a thing. It's more of a heckling to me. Violence is stupid as well/hell.


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      Even now that the campaign period isn't over yet, we cannot deny the huge numbers of protests we have against Trump. No doubt about it, you either hate him or love him. For me, he says things as it is, without even thinking about it first. And as a president, that's not quite a good quality. You're bound to get some negative criticisms when you're all talk and no thought. You cannot let your emotions override your thinking. You need to think a lot before you respond. Because chances are, what you say might be used against you or taken literally. And although I'm not for Trump, it's nice to see someone speak his mind as it is. But as I've said, it's not exactly presidential candidate material, lol. Especially if your opinions are not well-thought of or rational even.
      Some rabbis and Jewish students are planning protests against Donald Trump's speech on Monday at a conference of the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC over what they say are his belittling comments about Muslims and other groups.


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        I don't hate the guy as I don't live in America and I have no reason to, but I understand why others hate him. The reason I look up to him to some extent is because he is a billionaire after all, he is independent and even though its not exactly a good quality for a president, he speaks his own mind - not what others tell him to say. But then again, from what I've seen, he does seem a little crazy.

        If he was elected, I would imagine the US currency falling to worthless and the stocks/businesses taking a toll. If he turns out right though, that may change, but the initial pitfall will probably be big. There will obviously be mass protests and people doing what people do, complaining and whining about everything. He will probably get assassinated and that will be the end of it. But who knows, what if he makes 'Murica "Great again" as they all say.


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          In gеnеrаl, pоliticаl rаlliеs аrе hеld in privаtеly-оwnеd vеnuеs аnd bоth thе vеnuе оwnеr аnd thе cаmpаign hаvе thе right tо еxcludе аny pеrsоn fоr аny rеаsоn whаtsоеvеr. It is nоt illеgаl tо prоtеst аt thе rаlly, аs lоng аs yоu dо sо withоut viоlеncе оr thе thrеаt оf viоlеncе, but if yоu аrе аskеd tо lеаvе yоu must immеdiаtеly lеаvе, оr fаcе аrrеst fоr trеspаssing.
          Until yоu аrе аskеd tо lеаvе, yоu аrе pеrmittеd tо еngаgе in аny fоrm оf еxprеssivе bеhаviоr yоu wish, аs quiеtly оr аs lоudly аs yоu wish (еxcеpt thаt yоu must nоt viоlаtе аny lоcаl nоisе оr sоund prеssurе lаw, оr еngаgе in bеhаviоr thаt is аctuаlly hаrmful tо sоmеоnе еlsе).


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            I think if Trump does manage to make it to the White House, it's only a matter of time before he takes the US into a war - and he'll probably drag the UK along with him. I, personally, am hoping that the 'special relationship' so beloved of previous administrations in both countries, has finally run its course so at least we won't be shoehorned into taking our troops into conflict again to fight someone else's battles for them.


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              I agree with you all in that he says exactly what is on his mind without thinking first. As a president you have to be somewhat pragmatic and try not to offend your other country leader communities. He will not hold back and I think a lot of nations will start to hate him as a result. I agree that he would probably drag us into another war if he were to become president. The biggest problem I have with him is that he is a billionaire and he does not know how common people live. I think he will develop policies that will screw the common folk.


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                Most of the protesters are the paid protesters, and have been sent there by the anti-Trump superpacs. Some are financed by, which is controlled by George Soros, one of the billionaires who is for open borders and against Trump.

                Since most of the news media is also controlled by the large corporations and owned by billionaires, they are slanting the news to make it appear that Donald Trump is responsible for the problems caused by the paid protesters that they themselves are sending in to cause trouble at the Trump ralleys.

                When the protesters all show up at once and have printed (usually matching) signs, it is pretty obvious that most of them are being hired to be there.
                I am also concerned that this is going to get worse as the year goes on. We could end up with protests and riots like we saw in Ferguson when all of the paid protesters were sent there by Soros to cause trouble.
                That man is bad news !
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