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Homeless encampments

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  • Homeless encampments

    Are there homeless encampments in the cities that you all live in, and how are they dealt with by city officials and the police? Where I live, the area is known as the jungle because the homeless people who want the freedom to do their drugs live in a wooded area. People have been complaining about it for years and now the city is starting to notice only after there was a 5 person shooting there recently over a drug debt. Do problems like this exist in your city? Why does it take something as bad as a shooting for people to finally take notice and do something about it?

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    This is a very common problem all over the world, mostly in large metro area's.
    They take on different names: slum, favela, shanty town, ghetto, barrio or skid row.
    Of course it's hard to get a proper count, but it's estimated that 1 billion people live in these conditions world-wide.
    They lack access to proper municipal infrastructure and services including police.
    This is why it's a very attractive place for gangs, drugs and prostitutes to operate.
    That's very sad for the poor souls who live there just because it's the only place they can afford...
    There are a few organizations setup to help, like Mumbai's Slum Aid but they REALLY have their work cut out for them.


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      In the city where I live, there are many rural settlements known as locations. They are not filled with homeless people in the sense that nobody there has a home, but more so in the sense that everyone in these areas live in improvised shelters made of corrugated tin and wood. They are not legal homes and the people who live in them don't pay to live there, nor do they have access to water and electricity most of the time. There is also a rather large property where it's estimated around 20 homeless people live, in one house. Everyone there uses drugs and it's a horrible place.
      Not much can be done about it though because these people choose to be unemployed. I once approached a beggar and asked him why he does not want a job and he replied with "I make more money begging."

      Even though that's not the case, which they wouldn't know because most of them have not worked a day in their life. The government cannot do much about it because even when free housing is provided, which does happen, there will always be people who end up homeless and they will choose to remain that way due to a lack of motivation to change their lives.

      I guess donating to the homeless and creating initiatives and proper, registered shelters for them is the only thing you can do.


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        Homelessness is becoming an increasing problem here in the UK, and in most cities now we have camps of homeless that have pitched up usually just outside the city centres.

        The local councils all seem to tackle the problem differently though, and while some begrudgingly let them stay, other councils can be a lot more heavy handed like in the city where I live. Around here they got served with an eviction notice and they got forcibly moved on.


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          I feel bad for those who are forced to live in tents and shanties because they can not find jobs and the money it takes to get into a real home. Around here, they are considering building a huge fence that will cost millions to keep the homeless people from camping in these areas and I think the idea is stupid. The money could be used to build a structure for them to live in or for social services resources. One of the major issues is that the people who live in these areas are addicted to drugs and do not want to live in the sober shelters around. It is a circle that we need to address. Maybe use the money to get people some treatment so they can live a productive life.