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Universities burned down in South Africa

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  • Universities burned down in South Africa

    I unfortunately live in South Africa, where there is more racism than there is grains of sand on our beaches. It's become really bad in the educational sector.
    Recently the university where I live came under attack and the white people are now forced to stay at home to avoid being attacked by angry black people. They now wear shirts that say "f**k the whites" and that term has been sprayed all over schools in South Africa. One university has been burned down, the students were attacked, a pregnant woman's baby was killed in her womb and a million rand car parked at the university was damaged, because it was owned by a white person.

    Students have been protesting in the most idiotic, destructive manner, mainly due to the increasing tuition fees. But also because they are a bunch of idiots who hate white people for no reason. There's no other way to put that. Schools all over are being vandalized because the fees are too high. Anger and frustration with that is understandable, but it's not a reason to act like animals.
    The group who is doing this is called the EFF - the economic freedom fighters, as well as the ANCYL, which is the African National Congress Youth League. Now the President of South Africa is part of the ANC. So technically, his party is condoning racism and the stupid actions that are a result of which. South Africa is run by a bunch of animals and I'm moving out as soon as possible because this country is falling to trash, just like every African country has.

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    I'm so sorry that your country has fallen in chaos. It looks just like a reverse Apartheid.

    I remember a brief time where South Africa was strong with a strengthened law enforcement and society, but now it has seemed to tumble.


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      I'm also deeply saddened upon learning about what's been really happening in South Africa with regards to racism. I could understand if more people would want to move out to more peaceful pastures because of the severity of the situation. I think it is indeed right for you to get away while you can. I have South African neighbors who live just a few blocks from our house and they're some of the sweetest people I know. They're an old white couple who have been living here for many years now. They have chosen to live here since they retired and though we usually talk at times, we haven't actually had the time to talk about updates on South Africa. I never knew the situation is this intense now.
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        That's terrible. I feel bad for those students too.
        Universities are supposed to be places of learning, places where we encourage people to better themselves.
        This type of non-sense gets nothing accomplished.
        It also hurts SA's international reputation.
        South Africa is one place my wife and I really want to visit. Cape Town in particular. When I hear things like this It makes me reconsider.


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          Here's an article I found. Apparently, students protested after a new set of student leaders were inaugurated. They thought that these students were picked by the school administration and not the student body. It got so violent after guards started using rubber bullets and tear gas after a suspended student leader spoke. From then on, students got hurt as well as guards. Students went on to set the buildings on fire, targeting the administration building.

          It's such a shame that it has come to this. Racism, tuition fee hikes... Whatever the issue is, it shouldn't have come down to violence.
          A university in South African evacuated and shut down indefinitely Thursday after protests erupted.
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