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Several arrested, one killed in Oregon standoff.

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  • Several arrested, one killed in Oregon standoff.

    For the last month or so, tension has been high in the southern part of Oregon, as the federal government was once again in a dispute with local ranchers over property in the area.
    Like the area around the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, this part of Oregon is also a place known for precious metals, and is probably one of the actual provocations of both disputes.
    The latest development is that the FBI has arrested several of the leaders, including Ammon Bundy and his brother, who was hospitalized after the shootout last night. One of the protesters was killed in the shootout, and the others were jailed to await charges.

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    The armed group was asked to vacate the place but they wouldn't heed the warning. The thing is, had they acquired the proper documents or at least made an effort to legalize their ownership of the disputed property, they could have avoided a clash with the FBI. Those ranchers were occupying a wildlife refuge where many endangered animals reside.


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      I hope they can fix this through diplomatic talks and communication. It's sad to read that there has to be death just to defend a piece of land. Yeah, there are minerals and whatnot in the said land, but are those enough to cost people's lives? Both ends have to think about this. I know the government is only doing their job and then the people are only wanting to provide for their family. But at what cost? There has to be a fair way to solve this, if only they can talk and resolve it.


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        I was afraid this stand-off wasn't going to end well. The FBI released the footage of the incident and Oregon Live (the online version of The Oregonian) released a slowed down and enhanced version of the film. Details and the aforementioned video may be seen here. Note, while not graphic, the video isn't pleasant either. Just a forewarning in case you want to skip said and just read the associated article.
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