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Another bombing in Sweden this week.

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  • Another bombing in Sweden this week.

    Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, has been hit by four grenade attacks so far this week, according to the news reports from there.
    This is only the latest in a string of grenade bombings which have been increasing this year.

    There are a lot of immigrants , mostly from Africa, who have come to the city, and since they do not have any employment, they are turning more and more to violence, according to the police reports on the recent grenade attacks.

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    I remember Malmo use to have a large Jewish community but they were attacked and discriminated by the Muslim immigrants forcing them to leave. I think there is nothing wrong with Muslim Immigration, without Muslim Immigration, the USA will never have Steve Jobs. I believe as long as a person is willing to assimilate with the culture and value of the country where they will move in, they should be allowed. Immigrants should love their new country first over their mother land and religion. People who can't assimilate with the culture of their new country should be deported.

    Also they should not accept immigrants who can't have jobs on that country. They should focus on immigrants with something to offer to the country.
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      Grenade attacks in Sweden... that sounds almost surrealistic to me, Scandinavia harboring some of the "safest" countries and cities in the world.
      Even worse is that immigrants are responsible, or they are being made responsible for it. For every aggressive, "misbehaving" immigrant there are at least several hundred others who feel ashamed at their countryman's (or -woman's) behavior. And for them life will get ever more difficult as personal, political, and racial tensions keep rising.


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        This is going to have a huge impact on immigration policy pretty soon. Sweden has been very generous to allow these people into the country, but they are causing problems, violent problems now. It's extremely hard to screen people to prevent this season the whole group will end up suffering as a result. I wish I had contact information for my cousins, I don't know what city they are in and I'm worried.


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          Immigration is good but they need to screen who to accept for their society. They should choose someone who is willing to assimilate, learn the language and be loyal to the country first. People with divided loyalty and have rebellious tendencies should not be accepted. The fact that most of the Jewish community of Malmo left because they worry about their safety is really disturbing. It seemed like they were accepting extremist who refuse to identify as Swedish as citizens of the country. They should also choose people with skills to offer that the country needs.
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