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Police trying to subdue rioters in Germany.

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  • [World/Regional Conflict] Police trying to subdue rioters in Germany.

    Rioters have been protesting the opening of the ECB bank in Frankfort, Germany, today. Armed with gas bombs, which they are throwing at the police, and burning up cars with; the protests have turned into wholesale rioting at this point.
    At first, it was just mostly peaceful protestors, but then the rioting started and even more troops were brought in to try and maintain order.
    It has started to seem to me like almost the whole world has been having rioting and is more and more being put under martial law and military rule.
    The US military has scheduled a massive two-month long drill with every branch of the military and our special forces involved in the drill, which will start in the southwestern states in July.
    People are being warned to expect loud noises (helicopters, etc) during the night, and to see what looks like people being taken to containment camps.
    Hopefully, it will not come to this kind of force being used here in America; but it seems like it gets more violent here all of the time, too.

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    Here is some footage on this protest. It is pretty bad the destruction and violence that is happening there.


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      It's a sign that the status quo is about to broken down because the older generation and the younger upcoming generations have dissonant perspectives. Turning away from the destruction for a moment, it's a good sign actually that developed countries are having protests which means that a lot of the young still care about their country. I just wish it didn't turn out to be as violent as this.


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        I have never seen rioting to result in positive changes. Usually it just ends with property damage, injuries, arrests and more anger on both sides. Why do we not teach out young people to use the appropriate methods to make their voices heard? Why do we not teach them to write letters and send e-mails to their representatives, make phone calls? All these methods will get attention if hundreds or thousands of letters are sent and the phones keep ringing.

        These riots are just breaking things down further.


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          Militant Communists are the ones who mostly take over these protests and promote their anti capitalist agenda.We can't blame capitalism for the fact that some have corrupted it and are using it against others.If used the right way,capitalism is good..right.?