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Social Media and Terrorism

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  • Social Media and Terrorism

    ISIS may not have achieved world domination, but they've definitely achieved fame. Their actions have resulted in an explosion on social media sites. For the whole of January 2016, not a day would go by that I wouldn't see something related to ISIS or terrorism on my Facebook news feed.

    They've achieved one of their goals, which is to let the entire world know of their presence. They will never be able to take on the entire world because even they should know that they'll fail. But given what they've done already, it's proof that they mean business. I haven't heard much about ISIS lately though and it's seemed to die down. One thing that gets me is that when 5 people die from a bombing in USA it's a massacre and the whole world goes wild. But when 126 people die from a bombing in Nigeria or somewhere else in Africa, it goes unheard. I'm not blaming anyone for it, that's just how it is.

    But it just proves the power of social media and the reason the latter mentioned is like this is because USA and Europe have way more media coverage and 99% of the citizens can immediately broadcast anything happening in the lives. If not for the internet and social media, terrorism would be very different today. I hope they don't do something stupid again, ISIS should know by now that nobody takes them seriously and everybody looks down on them as a bunch of fools.