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A Christian terrorist group forces Muslim civilians to convert or they will die.

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  • A Christian terrorist group forces Muslim civilians to convert or they will die.

    Central African Republic use to be a Peaceful country were Muslims and Christians were living peacefully. Well not anymore, There is a Christian Terrorist group known as Anti-Balaka and They were basically doing what ISIS is doing to Christians, Yazidis and Jews. Anti-Balaka hates Muslims and their mission. Is to rid their country of Muslims. This group is very evil but you will rarely hear news about them.

    This group started when their country, Central African Republic had their first Muslim President. This group had been killing civilians from one village to another. This group don't hate the other religions, they specifically target Muslims. The situation in Central African Republic is like the opposite of what is going on the Middle east and Nigeria. This time around the ones that spreads terror are Christians and the Muslims were the victims.

    They had killed 10 thousands of people by far and most of them are Muslims. Recently a UN peacekeeper died because of them.. Aside from killing people they also abduct people as well.

    Strange as it may sound, the members of this group wears amulets, they believe it makes them bullet proof because it has blessings from God. They were over confident on what they do because they believe their Amulets work. I dont believe in Amulets but their fate about it makes them more aggressive. They also rape women and they recruit minors to join their group.
    From Yahoo News: Many Muslims returning to western areas of the Central African Republic after last year's intercommunal massacres are being threatened and "forced to abandon their religion," Amnesty International said Friday. "Having forced tens of thousands of Muslims to flee western CAR, anti-balaka militias are now repressing the religious identity of the hundreds of Muslims who remained or who have returned," said Joanne Mariner, the London-based rights group's senior crisis response adviser.