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ISIS Sex Slave Social and Cultural Crime Against Humanity

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    Originally posted by Billy View Post
    I have no idea who funded them on their early days but I remember a report that some ISIS members are former Taliban members, I never thought Social networks, an online tool created for making friends becomes an instrument for the fast growth of this monstrosity. Its hard to imagine westerners whom lives a life of freedom wanted to leave all of that to be an extremist in a world were there is no freedom. I believe the situation in Syria would have been solved faster if the Secularist rebels and the government set aside their differences.

    Social media can be used for both good and bad. I haven't looked in a while because I've been busy with other things, but I used to see a lot of advertising on there, recruiting people (young, impressionable ones) to go to Syria and elsewhere around the world, supposedly to stand up for Human Rights. Who knows where those people ended up. So many are searching for something to fill their empty lives, and these people know exactly what words and phrases to use to attract them.


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      I have heard of those ad's but have never seen them. All I have seen were images and videos showing the horror of ISIS and speaking out against them. If I saw anything in favor of ISIS I would flag it immediately to be removed and would NOT share it.
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