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    Hi everyone, I live in the UK and could be considered a 'prepper' (hence my username!). While I do not concern myself with conspiracies and doomsday prophecies, I do worry about the state of the economy and the very real possibility that we we will see some sort of financial meltdown in the near future. I prep to insulate myself from that, and the ripple effects from such a crisis. I also prep for scenarios such as redundancy, extended periods of extreme weather and power outages. I am providing myself with a cushion to weather whatever storm comes my way and give myself a layer of security.

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    Welcome aboard PrepperGirl. It is great to have you on board and even more so that you are working towards preparedness.

    If I may be of any assistance with the board, etc., don't hesitate to ask.
    "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen


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      Welcome! I also enjoy prepping and where I live, South Africa, our economy is already falling into meltdown. Therefore, I've taken some steps to keep myself safe and happy. We don't have many disasters here other than drought, but I still like coming here and learning about the sorts of disasters there are and contributing and engaging with an awesome community. Enjoy your time here and be safe!


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        Hello Preppergirl! Welcome to the community. I hope the posts here will be able to provide you with helpful advice and insights on disaster preparedness. Feel free to browse posts and sub-forums, wherever applicable. See you around!