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    Hello everyone!

    Brand new to this forum, really great to see such a high-profile domain used for a community based outreach and education. I don't spend too much time watching the general news because I feel a lot of it is controlled and we never really get the truth or full story behind things. I do think disasters and crises' that are occurring around the world should get more attention, but we are often saddled with the latest celebrity gossip or sports highlights. Granted those things are entertaining, but simply dominate programming time for news.

    Excited to be a part of this community and hope to learn and share and help! Originally from Mississauga, ON, Canada, but now residing in Niagara Falls ON.

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    Welcome aboard. We're glad you joined. If I may be of any assistance with the board, don't hesitate to ask.
    "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen


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      Thanks for the response! Hopefully we have more of an active community here, seems things have died down late last summer. There are also so many topics so that might make it appear more barren than it is. Either way thanks for the welcome!!