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California Law Enforcement finds drugs tunnel going into Mexico.

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  • California Law Enforcement finds drugs tunnel going into Mexico.

    California law enforment discovered a tunnel that runs from underneath a restaurant in Mexico and goess undergound into the United States and come sout at a new ly built house in Southern California.
    Apparently , this has become another way for drug runners to smuggle drugs into this country, and probably also for illegal aliens to sneak across the southern border.
    A Mexican drug cartel had purchased the property about a year ago, and then constructed the house on the property, which secretly digging the tunnel that ran from the house into Mexico.

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    Oh, damn! Drugs have always been a huge problem for that region. Very sad. California is one of the most beautiful places in the world ever. Good on their police. However, it won't help eradicate this problem. There might be tons of other existing tunnels.


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      This reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Sicario. There are apparently multiple drug tunnels running through hidden places in USA into Mexico. In the case of Sicario, the tunnel started in a desert in the US and opened up in a warehouse, where a corrupt police officer was waiting for the next batch of drugs. These tunnels are very small and dangerous and there is a high chance of them killing someone inside.

      Just imagine how scary it must be running through one of those at night...
      It is also the case that they are rather difficult to find and at the same time, extremely effective. They are one of those threats that are difficult to eliminate. The city of Juarez had to lay off over 800 police officers due to corruption not too long ago, its things like these that we need to eliminate in order to prevent drug and person smuggling between these two countries.


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        Uncovering these drug tunnels I think just goes to show what lengths they'll go to, to try and avoid being caught. As one supply line gets cut off by the authorities, they'll have another one available, because at the end of the day, drugs is their business and the way they make their money.

        Will we ever see an end to drug traffickers is a question that's been asked many times before, and reading stories like this tends to say that we won't, or if we do it won't be in the near future anyway.


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          The Mexican drug lords will go to great lengths to get the drugs into the United States because the have the resources and almost total freedom in the Mexican of the border side to do so. Therefore, more initiatives like these an abundance of other creative means to get the drugs across are to be expected from the Mexican drug lords. The vast amount of money to be earned from the distribution of drugs from Mexico to the United States will always be an incentive for the Mexicans to keep on trying to smuggle the drugs across the border.


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            I remember a TV show that had a few episodes with a very similar setup.
            Thing was, it wasn't just drugs being transported via that tunnel it was also human trafficking going on.

            That's a brand new report showing how the "war on drugs" is a huge disaster for public health.

            You really can't stop these drug smugglers and dealers, the $$$$ to be made is just too great.
            Time for us to start realizing there are better ways to deal with this problem.