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  • Odisha Government - State Disaster Response Fund

    India's Odisha Government State Disaster Response Fund has added 8 new disasters to their list heat wave, whirlwind, tornado, heavy rain, drowning, boat accident in normal times, and snake bites in normal times.

    Originally posted by ZNews
    It has been decided that funds for assistance for the victim's families will be availed from SDRF. The state government hitherto was providing financial assistance to the victims families from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.
    Wish we had that here. Snake bites and boating accidents in normal times? That is definitely not covered here.
     With lightning strikes claiming more lives than major calamities like floods and cyclones, the Odisha government has decided to include eight state-specific disasters under the State Disaster Response Fund and directed authorities to prepare disaster management plans for the current fiscal.
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