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Cascadia Rising 2016 exercise

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  • Cascadia Rising 2016 exercise

    Has anyone heard anything about this major exercise? It won't happen until June of next year, but plans are well under way. It will be a large and complicated exercise involving many agencies, organizations, and private companies on the west coast. I'm curious if any of us on the right side of the Cascades will be invited to play along as potential sites for refugees or as additional emergency responders. I'm sure that if a huge disaster like this actually happened every SAR team in the state would be deployed to assist in the search for survivors and victims.

    To read about the exercise see the FEMA page and check out the links on that page for additional information.

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    This is actually the first I've heard of it, but I'm reading up on it now. I will add this to the research list for the week. I too would be curious if anyone here is going to be involved.
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      With the recent New Yorker article about the potential for a devastating Cascadia quake, this exercise is suddenly more relevant to the general public. Months ago I downloaded the official FEMA exercise scenario document, a 182 page, 46.4MB monster of a PDF. More recently I have tried to find the document on official sites so that I could link to it in discussions, but it had seemingly disappeared from FEMA pages. Although I have the document the file is simply too big to share on forums or Facebook.

      I just located a full low-resolution version of the document on a different site and am linking it here in case anyone else wants to download the whole thing and browse through it all. Because it is a low-res PDF the file size is only 7.44MB instead of the original 46.4! There is a lot of redundancy in the document, so I have not read the entire 182 pages, but simply skimmed it for interesting information. Anyway, if you are interested, click here to view the document.


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        I recently learned of "Evergreen Tremor", a WA National Guard exercise that took place in June that was a smaller, military-only exercise for this. Now that they are more prepared for their role in a massive Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) quake, next year the Guard will play a major part in the Cascadia Rising exercise.

        Read more about the Evergreen Tremor exercise here.


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          fcphdJim leave it to you to give us a little bit of light reading to pass the time. LMAO... I have heard of the Cascadia Rising exercise and a lot of 'conspiracies' behind it along with Jade Helm. This is the first time I have seen the exercise scenario though. Thanks for posting that. This is the first I have have heard of Evergreen Tremor but it makes sense they would have these two together. In the event of a disaster the NG would be involved and should go through 'rehearsal' of their roles and such in case the real thing every occurred.
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