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Military drill coming up in California next week.

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  • Military drill coming up in California next week.

    On April 11th, Richmond , California will be conducting a practice drill for a "dirty bomb", and over 200 law enforcement officers and emergency workers will be participating in the drill.
    I think that it is good for residents in that area to be expecting these drills , so they know that it is not a real dirty bomb attack.

    ( I am not sure why these drills go under conspiracies; but that is where they moved the Jade Helm drill; so I am listing this here as well.)

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    A lot of people have been talking about this where I'm from, mostly concerned about the traffic it's going to generate. Thankfully there are a lot of alternative route all around and through Richmond. I'm not really annoyed either, this is a good thing; good for the people.


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      It's about being prepared. That's the first step to surviving in a potentially dangerous situation. If you're prepared for such a situation, it might save your life. It'll stop you from "freezing" if the real thing was to ever happen, and it'll give you a taste of what a real emergency would be like and what'd be expected of you as a citizen. Great idea and I wish more areas took on ideas like this.


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        The dirty bomb, while much less fearsome than an actual atomic weapon, would be a disaster indeed. And it is a heck of lot easier to build for those evildoers who are so inclined to do such a thing. This New York times article discusses how they are built and how a response could be conducted.

        Anyway, it is good to see they training for such an eventuality. Here's hoping the lessons learned never have to be used.
        "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen