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Where did everyone go?!

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  • Where did everyone go?!

    What is going on here? We had a busy forum with lots of conversations, and suddenly it is like someone threw a switch and disconnected everyone. Are there seriously only three of us active here in the last week? Any ideas? Helloooo!

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    Yoo-Hoo, fcphdJim, I am still here. It seems to just be a really slow time on the forum, and maybe it has been offline for some people or something similar to that.
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      Peekaboo! I'm still alive and kick'n. Been harder to post as much as normal due to a recent addition to the family. He'll be a month old a couple days from now.
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        I knew that you two were still here, but it doesn't appear that anyone else has posted anything in the last week. It isn't simply a really slow spell on the forum; if the three of us stopped posting there would be no activity! I'm a little puzzled.