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Cyclone Pam: A Story of Surviving a Category 5 Hurricane

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  • Cyclone Pam: A Story of Surviving a Category 5 Hurricane

    What is it like to have a Category 5 Cyclone/Hurricane pass right over your house? Read Vanuatu resident Peter Wederell's story of experiencing Cyclone Pam.

    (Picture Above is*Looking across Efate, Vanuatu before Cyclone Pam hit)

    Please Note: This is a firsthand experience of Cyclone Pam slamming...

    Click here to view the article.
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    Wow, what an experience those that waded through Pam had. I have never personally been through a category 5, but I was in Charleston, SC for Hugo (a cat 4). Almost 26 years ago and the memory is a fresh as if it happened yesterday. My father was stationed at the Navy base and for reasons still unknown, decided to stay and ride the storm out. My mother took my 3 brothers and sisters and me to the back of the house where we hunkered down in a makeshift Hurricane bunker. The beginning of the experience was not that bad, as a teenager the heavy rain and wind outside just seemed like any other storm and I was not impressed. It was about 4 hours in that things got really scary. We lost power at that point, we could hear the walls creaking as the wind slammed against the house. We could hear tiles being ripped off of the roof and the trees breaking and snapping outside. Debris was hitting the house and windows started to break. Then all of the sudden every stopped and the sun came out. My Dad took us outside and I didn't even recognize my own neighborhood. Lawn chairs and all types of debris was scattered here and there. Cars we destroyed and some of the houses had missing roof parts. It was like I had stepped into a war zone. We stayed outside for about 10 to 15 mins and then my parents hurried us back in as the other side of the storm was approaching. At that young age I couldn't understand why the storm was coming back until my mother explained that it was just the eye. Hurricane Hugo was defiantly an experience I will never forget for as long as I live. Oh, if you are wondering... as an adult I always evacuate for anything cat 3 and above. Lesson learned for sure.